Suzanne’'s Childcare

Registered Childminder

                                                   About Me

My name is Sue and I have been childminding since 2004.

My aim is to provide quality childcare in a relaxed and friendly environment where children learn through play. Within the the guidelines set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) I make effective use of assessment information to identify needs and plan the next steps for learning and development insuring children are making progress throughout their development.


  • To provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment for your child to learn through play.
  • To provide a warm home away from home environment. 
  • To assist all children attending to attain their maximum potential within their personal capabilities.
  • To identify at the earliest opportunity all children who need special consideration to support their physical, sensory, social, emotional, communication or cognitive development.
  • To encourage children to become independent, active members of society.
  • To recognise the value of parents input and encourage them to share in their children’s learning and the setting.
  • To set boundaries in a way which helps each child develop a sense of the significance of their own behaviour; both in their own environment and for those around them. To ensure every child’s individual learning needs, gender, race, nationality and culture are recognised.

I am required to meet the requirements of promoting the 4 British Values:

  1. Democracy: Making decisions together

  2. Rule of Law

  3. Individual Liberty: Freedom for all

  4. Mutual respect and tolerance: treat others as you want to be treated

I aim to meet the requirements of promoting British Values by:

  • Helping children to value each others views and learning that their views count, turn taking, sharing and collaboration.
  • Involving children in making house rules and understanding why we have them, helping children understand that behaviour has consequences, knowing right from wrong.
  • Celebrating similarities and differences, encourage and respect different opinions, promoting positive sense of themselves and recognising feelings of others and themselves.
  • Inclusive environment, positive relationships with parents/carers, respect of own and other cultures and beliefs, differences among families, faiths etc, positive social behaviours such as sharing, activities and resources that promote diversity and challenge gender, racial stereotypes etc.

To meet the requirements I plan activities depending on the children’s ages and stage of development.